About Glost

Glost Studio is a small ceramic studio in Dulwich Hill, run by Ciane Pothin. The studio provides a comfortable and harmonious space for its members to explore their interest in pottery and ceramics. Glost is equipped with top of the line Shimpo Whisper-T pottery wheels and hand building facilities, as well as an electric kiln and an array of glazes.

About the Teacher

Classes are run by Ciane, who has a Bachelor‘s degree in both Visual Arts and Education. Ciane is a ceramicist with an intuitive art making process. Her work draws from both the female form and natural organic contours, employing exaggerated shapes and a muted colour palette. Due to the handmade nature of her work no two pieces are the same, ensuring every ceramic work created is a ‘one of a kind’. Her practice predominantly uses wheel throwing techniques; however, she invites a relationship between the sculpture and its maker, purposefully creating imperfections in her once refined forms.

Ceramic classes

Classes at Glost are designed to not only teach you the fundamentals of both wheel and hand-building in clay, but to also provide you with a supportive environment in which all members feel confident and at ease, no matter their level. Classes are taught in a manner in which exploration and investigation of ideas and techniques are encouraged, catering toward individual development. Depending on what class you choose, you will have the option to learn the fundamentals of wheel throwing, trimming, hand built pottery and glazing in a supportive environment. No matter what your skill level is, our pottery classes are aimed to make you feel confident and at ease.

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